Friday, July 01, 2016
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Hi everyone! We are so excited as it looks like the All American Youth Barrel Race is going to be our biggest yet!!  The draw will be posted tomorrow, June 2, and be sure to check it out!!  The Megan's Memory Scholarship will be awarded on Wednesday night!!  Don't miss it!!  Also, we will be posting a schedule in the next week so check back to make sure you know is going on and when.  Also, we are on Facebook so go there for any updates or info!  See ya'll soon!

2012 All American Youth 2nd Go Results

All American Youth Barrel Race
Jackson, MS
June 23, 2012
2nd Go-Round Results


Contestant Horse 2nd Go Time 2nd Go Place 2nd Go Money
Allie Pilgrim Bound to Be Dirty 13.922 1D 1st $1,358.36
Jackie Ganter Frenchmans Jester 14.037 1D 2nd $1,188.57
Mary Francis Gorsuch Pay Stroken Memories 14.067 1D 3rd $1,103.67
Wyatte Grace Andrews Little Dash Priest 14.112 1D 4th $933.87
Allie Strange Perks 14.129 1D 5th $806.53
Jaci Montgomery Speed N Spots 14.157 1D 6th $679.18
Kaitlyn Prentice Coal Thunder 14.167 1D 7th $594.28
Ty LeLeux JT Cash 14.174 1D 8th $509.39
Kaitlyn Prentice Seven Daze 14.193 1D 9th $424.49
Hailey Pettigo Gamblin with Honor 14.236 1D10th $339.59
Brookelyn Owens Kans of Firewater 14.238 1D11th $297.14
Abbey Jo Kilgore Eternal Gold Rush 14.244 1D12th $254.69
Nicole Love Perky Pacific 14.246    
JR Sullivan Jesse James Stover 14.280    
Chelsea Bartlett Ruling Glory 14.286    
Jaci Montgomery Success You Bet 14.295    
Ashley Broussard Ashley's Royal Jet 14.309    
Tori LeBlanc Briscoscangetit 14.309    
Claudia Fry Famous 14.332    
Paris Jean Rainin Fame 14.333    
Ashley Brooks Jane 14.333    
Shelton Headley Yawl Wanna Good Time 14.334    
Jackie Ganter Imabullydancer 14.353    
Heather Hughes Jess A Lil Keep Sake 14.353    
Victoria Biggers Shockin Fortune 14.365    
Carli Hodges Jet Passem Up 14.369    
Heath Holland Routines Easy Money 14.377    
Katie Brown VF Smoked Rabbit 14.384    
Chloe Gray Sir Nonstoppable 14.385    
Abbey Jo Kilgore Nonstop Honey OH 14.399    
Trevor Pruitt Walts Rockin Roll 14.399    
Lana Warner Gotta Bee Blazin 14.404    
Tori LeBlanc Happy Bucknmardigras 14.407    
Vanessa Ratliff Miss Kitty 14.411    
Kendall Steele Ten Bounds with Jose' 14.418    
Kenna McLemore Hickorys Chance 14.431 2D 1st $1,124.16
Wyatte Grace Andrews Dabble Pay Me 14.433 2D 2nd $983.64
Haleigh McNeil Zans Misty Barb 14.434 2D 3rd $913.38
Victoria Tolbert Tango 14.435 2D 4th $772.86
Heath Holland Bugs Last Runaway 14.443 2D 5th $667.47
Brookelyn Owens Mr. Slick Bug 14.449 2D 6th $562.08
Victoria Williams Three Jets Olena 14.454 2D 7th $491.82
Cheyanna Patrick Hays Victory Eye 14.462 2D 8th $421.56
Nealey Dalton Miss Mango Tango 14.470 2D 9th $351.30
Alana Sanders Eatin Cash 14.478 2D10th $281.04
Lexi Overby Fancy 14.479 2D11th $245.91
Wyatte Grace Andrews Fiery Affair 14.508 2D12th $210.78
Kimberly Measels Playboy 14.509    
Blaise Bercegeay Runnin for a Title 14.516    
Mary Francis Gorsuch Smooth Stone 14.517    
Casey Oliver Playnwithafourtyfive 14.525    
Abbey Jo Kilgore Indy 14.528    
Aston Finch Easily Bid Bailey 14.532    
Jacee Thomas This Jets a Sure Bet 14.537    
Emma Ann Fenn Fire Fly 14.557    
Ashleigh Baugh Bring the Heat 14.562    
Toni Torres RH Run Amazing 14.566    
Shelby Wright Ima Stick 14.572    
Kalab Ferrell Wonder If Shes Sweet 14.574    
Darby Duncan Nuther Long Chance 14.581    
Taylor Carver DR Krogs Copy boy 14.585    
Kelsey Phillips Taylor Me Jet 14.594    
Tyrney Steinhoff TJ's Gold 14.601    
Victoria Williams Dallas Oklawaha 14.606    
Alyssa Gairhan Cash EMUP Quixote 14.618    
Gracie Ann Smith Cricket 14.624    
Leslie Pevey Red Gin One 14.624    
Paige Sprinkle Lucky Labor Day 14.636    
Karsyn Daniels Zans Last Firewater 14.639    
Tyrney Steinhoff Tin Zan Man 14.643    
Brianna Donnell Howie's Hickory 14.647    
Shay Atkins Threeturnsandhome 14.648    
Lexie Walker Lama Llou 14.654    
Stephanie Mosley Ranches Dun Rose 14.658    
Fran Smith Busters Holy Draco 14.664    
Carli Hodges I'm Dun Wondering 14.664    
Lindsey McLeod BB French Fooledya 14.666    
Jacob Johnson Diamond 14.669    
Taylor Matte Mister M.D. 14.671    
Erin Siems Quincy's Mighty Bug 14.683    
Lana Warner Easily Defined 14.687    
Lacie Bond McFay Satinka 14.691    
Katie Brown Perks Panita 14.692    
Carly Taylor Passem Up Bubblin 14.693    
Morgan Matte Frostin Your Buns 14.694    
Heath Holland Strait In 14.698    
Karina Stein Won Drummin Soprano 14.701    
Rivers Royals Honors Last Jet 14.703    
Tori LeBlanc Showannabegood 14.709    
Kenzley Wilson Miss Doc Easter 14.713    
Morgan Ratcliff Shifty Ms. Miracle 14.713    
Meghan Thomas Poco Pine Bar Zip 14.713    
Kent Manor Nonstop High 14.716    
Allie Strange Cha Chi 14.717    
Cheyanna Patrick Cool Cool Fame 14.722    
Joseph Heathcolt Sharp Driftin Rascal 14.722    
Shelby Lynch Justa First Down 14.722    
Taylor Steinhoff Bully's Please Do 14.722    
Kinley Westerfield Gimme Some Jazz 14.725    
Rachel Knight Flash bonus Bar 14.735    
Sierra Necaise Cactus Sugar Bar 14.746    
Kaitlyn Prentice De Express 14.747    
Taylor Carver Star Bright Hancock 14.748    
Amber Harris Zeros Gray Fox 14.749    
Makenzie Richardson Dash N Stitch 14.764    
Morgan Ratcliff Streakn French Girl 14.765    
Audrey Claire Henderson Socs Doc Quixote 14.766    
Alex Farrell Pacific Sparks 14.766    
Melinda Pfeiffer Banner 14.767    
Kylie Brueggeman Dash on Hot Toddy 14.768    
Nealey Dalton PC Chickie Frost 14.771    
Lauren Hamrick Noel's Magic Bar 14.788    
Gracie Fuller Tjoe 14.793    
Abbey Jo Kilgore Escape ta Fame 14.807    
Karlie Sanders Kas De Stone 14.810    
Morgan Ross Bits Perksy Cowgirl 14.812    
Victoria Tolbert Zip my Britches 14.816    
Jordan Robinson This Blondes Loaded 14.820    
Carly Taylor Easy Jet Parr 14.820    
Carly Taylor Nonstop Jabolina 14.823    
Sean Molde' Rocket 14.823    
Taylor White Easy Deck Rocket 14.825    
Jackie Smart Henry Doc 14.827    
Morgan Matte Tens Swen Lee 14.827    
Erin Anderton Tater Chip 14.828    
Karsyn Daniels ZZ's Jetting Muffin 14.839    
Carlee Goode Solanos Sonny Dee 14.839    
Julie Hill Handle B ar Hal 14.841    
Madison Crow Dunnit Two 14.842    
Kelsey Baker Slim Shady Poco 14.843    
Abby Searcy DM Diamonds by Red 14.846    
Paris Jean No Problem Man 14.847    
Kinsley Mascari Ohs Moon Dancer 14.851    
Julie Hill Memories to Cherish 14.851    
Hillary Mahalitc On the Money Red Too 14.854    
Brian Wheeler Ms Frenchman Bully 14.855    
Presley Smith Puta Tiger Ina Hotrod 14.856    
Morgan Henning Perks Routine 14.861    
Taylor White Tivito's Doc Lynx 14.871    
Adrianne Harris Peppy's Salty Style 14.872    
Sarah Phillips American Lil 14.875    
Abby Gray Kings Royal Scout 14.875    
Ashleigh Odom Jetts Patty 14.879    
Amber Vinson Docs Panama 14.883    
Matt Green Honey 14.887    
Dally Munn Fancy Lil Bucolena 14.889    
Webb Harrison Rockettes Rumors 14.893    
Kyley Campbell My Peppy Ote 14.894    
Rayanna Baker Perks Dream Boy 14.898    
Chloe Gray Vals Extra Day 14.898    
Camren Hensarling Jester 14.904    
Hillary Mahalitc Flittiest 14.904    
Jake Eldridge HF Money Talks 14.906    
Emily Hargis Chippewa 14.906    
Shelby Chisholm Skipper Bar Nugget 14.908    
Hannah Hammond Frenchmans Jeenyas 14.908    
Jax Johnson Peppy Red Perks 14.910    
Makayla Howard Dinks Holy Grail 14.911    
Carlee Goode Sonny's Skip 14.912    
Lindsey McLeod Flingn Streaks Ofire 14.915    
Shelby Vinson Valentia 14.918    
Madison Johnson SLP Peppy Cowcutter 14.919    
Darby Duncan Sigma De Cara 14.920    
Abbey Jo Kilgore Asual Buyer 14.920    
Katie Bates Miley 14.921    
Catherine Ladner Dry Out Chick 14.922 3D 1st $843.12
Tyler Crosby Izzy 14.925 3D 2nd $737.73
Lindsey McLeod Miss Leo Dark Jet 14.927 3D 3rd $685.04
Hillary Mahalitc On the Flit of Wings 14.929 3D 4th $579.65
Sami Sylvester Scooby 14.930 3D 5th $500.60
Joseph Heathcolt Sharp Pete 14.936 3D 6th $421.56
Regan Henning Heros Dashin Lady 14.937 3D 7th $368.87
Emma Norman Lenas Bar Cash 14.938 3D 8th $316.17
Ty Lynn Register Midnight 14.939 3D 9/10T $237.13
Morgan Baker Mr. Folgers Coffee 14.939 3D 9/10T $237.13
John Osbourne Traveling Fast Feet 14.948 3D11th $184.43
Tara Davis Judge my Biankus 14.950 3D12th $158.09
Molly Wagner Classic Jazz Man 14.951    
Jaylie Matthews Hey Dash N Cash 14.956    
Olivia Blanchet DMTC Converter 14.956    
Kalab Ferrell One Sharp Dinky 14.963    
Carlee Goode BP Baby Girl 14.968    
Jamie Moran Ima Nonstop Goose 14.970    
Rachel Deville Strawbelle wonder 14.972    
Taylor Jane Taggart Tawana Jolie 14.978    
Courtney Bailey Hesa Crazy Wrangler 14.978    
Destyn Ladner Gunner 14.983    
Brooklyn Keahey Tommy's Treat 14.987    
Chesnie Neal Dakota Cheifton 15.006    
Haleigh McNeil Dales Twin Tower Bar 15.006    
Taylor Gatwood Doctor Beene Frost 15.012    
Destyn Landry DD Driftin Frosty 15.016    
Rowdy Flowers Turnin Powerhouse 15.016    
Jacklynn Raney Royal Hancock Girl 15.017    
Gabrielle Hayes Gritnjiggywidit 15.021    
Rebecca St. Martin Ter Jettin 15.027    
Megan Crow Hallelujah 15.029    
Ann Marie Alison Dreamer's Tiny Leo 15.032    
Bailey Vaughn Cadillac Jack 15.036    
Destiney Wood Blazing Star 15.038    
Katelyn Nicholson Tiny Oak Kate 15.038    
Victoria Williams Rojo Laveaux 15.038    
Olivia Martin YGW Flits Chick 15.039    
Ashleigh Baugh Flamin Dusty 15.047    
Sierra Beauford Frisco 15.047    
Casey Oliver Here Comes Otay 15.048    
Amber Harris Krimps Blonde Dolly 15.050    
Katie Saigeon Top Cat 15.063    
Kailey Schmidt Cougar 15.068    
Desiree Green Sixy Dozen 15.072    
Chelsi Wilson True Sugar Baby 15.077    
Aimee Hebert Charlen Dasher 15.077    
Elizabeth Holloway French Bug on Fire 15.078    
Kiley Stinson Sheza Southern Jet 15.080    
Raegan Staser Dora 15.081    
Madison Lewis Apache Moon Rocket 15.084    
Caitlin Lamb Rockingalena 15.096    
Hannah Hammond Peppys Magnemite 15.096    
Heath Drinkard Colors of Laredo 15.099    
Lani Trahan Lil Shocka Doc 15.105    
Karlie Sanders Binker Takin Cash 15.113    
Presley Smith CD Jester Bar 15.114    
Lacie Bond McFay The Frank Train 15.115    
Kylee Ladner Baja's Lucky Lady 15.121    
Bailey McIlwain Oh Sweet Dreams 15.124    
Will Chunn Spanky 15.133    
Kristen Domingue Sassy 15.136    
Elaina McKinney Nick Sunjacket 15.137    
Kylie May Jodys Affair 15.139    
Caitlyn Swinford Gypsy 15.140    
Meredith Adams Jessie's Girl 15.140    
Hope Floyd Sudsa Trouble 15.141    
Samantha Ewing Hired Double Cross 15.145    
Mary Beth Caldwell Rosie's Last Guy 15.145    
Tori LeBlanc Rappin N Dashin 15.151    
Brooklyn Keahey Doc's Busy Man 15.151    
Grace Lacour Streakin Wil 15.155    
Kody Mosby Blackie 15.159    
Macie Clark Debbi's Dasher 15.163    
Emilie Chiasson Bully's on fire 15.169    
Leah Thompson Star 15.177    
Lindsay August Harry 15.177    
Kayla Baier PC Sugar Cat 15.180    
Katelyn Harrison SRE Lenas Red Seven 15.185    
Jessica Baker Little Miss Two Two 15.186    
Kelsey Phillips Tex Montana Diamond 15.187    
Katelyn Harrison SRE Hollywood Model 15.191    
Erin Doyle Cashin A Rare Form 15.191    
Kamryn Passman Tru Encounter 15.194    
Taylor Ozborn Uknowunvme 15.201    
Haleigh McNeil He Likes it Easy 15.201    
Brianna Donnell Honky Tonkin Lady 15.201    
Kaylee Woodard Six Wheels 15.203    
Rachel Deville Blue's Scorpion 15.204    
Haley Walker Remember Leona 15.205    
Kizer Hensley Eyed Be Tiny Guy 15.207    
Ross Harrington Kitty Jo 15.210    
Skylar Glenn Bonanza's Skipn Penny 15.212    
Kristin Booker Dash's Eye Opener 15.215    
Bayleigh Choate Dashing Like a Feather 15.215    
Taylor Gatwood Streakin Jack Frost 15.217    
Emsley Caldwell SHF Nonstop Latin 15.219    
Brooklyn Blakeney Cowboy 15.220    
Travis Umfrey Frisky Freddie 15.225    
Taylor Bumbalough Angel 15.227    
Katherine Williamson Cloudy 15.230    
Sydni Cunningham Six-A-Shine 15.234    
Dallas Mills Sheza Sozota 15.242    
Abigale Nicole Barks Baby 15.243    
Hannah Hines Maxs Fancy Otoe 15.244    
Taycie Matthews Cruisin Cowboy 15.247    
Madison Johnson Echo Of Doc 15.252    
Stephanie Mosley Exit to Six 15.260    
Jessica Aycock Beretta San guard 15.269    
John Robert Anderson Credit Sun 15.272    
Kaylee Rice Molly 15.274    
Peytin McKay Rocket 15.275    
Taylor Rainbolt Hammer 15.283    
Karsyn Daniels Wee Got Fireworks 15.285    
Cotey Marie Shea Go Miss Fire Easy 15.286    
Savannah Henry Shot Gun Red 15.296    
Jenna Steward Cash Nightmare 15.299    
Karley Keyes Boogie Woogie Jones 15.305    
Tiffany Vautrin QTS Poco Peppy 15.306    
Julie Blagg Docs Spring Fellow 15.313    
Erin Doyle Blaze 15.314    
Justin McDaniel Cash Running 15.316    
Ross Harrington Robby 15.322    
McKayla Ferrell Country Girl Express 15.324    
Wesley Haley Dashin Tonto 15.325    
Margaret Sonnenbers Z-Man 15.328    
Heather Bundy Cowgirls Ben 15.330    
Kristina Landrum Amber Spanish Joy 15.335    
Megan Sparks Little Red Rocket 15.340    
Jordan McNinch Easy Bo Jester 15.343    
Haley Anderson Jodis Lucky Clover 15.344    
Emilie Chiasson Hollywood Moon 15.346    
Emily Pizarro Rola 15.348    
John Osborne Zero Hawks Boy 15.348    
Tyrel Stoltzfus Sowee go Seekum 15.352    
Shelby Chisholm Broadstar Playmate 15.354    
Brooke Bailey Little Jane Dial 15.354    
Madison Lewis Peppy Bar Skipper 15.355    
Abigail Mautz Envy's Pride 15.357    
Sarah Chinners Bucs Up Doc 15.357    
Emily Jarosinski Runs Charger 15.357    
Kelcey Dubois JN Red Lynx 15.358    
Alexis Villarreal Efforts Special Guy 15.362    
Daylee Barrom Two Socks 15.364    
Chelsi Wilson Last Bully Zevi 15.369    
Karley Keyes Misty Dandy Pine 15.371    
Amber Harris Copper Rock 15.375    
Logan Dunn Sparky 15.377    
Hannah Lee Abby 15.380    
Monica Smith Texs Sassy Lassie 15.384    
Taylor Hughes BEC Flying to the Moon 15.385    
Monica Radford Cal's Lil Man 15.387    
Shelby Sledge Investnate 15.393    
Chet Elkins Shyanne 15.396    
Alexis Blagg BH Cash Withdrawl 15.405    
Jasmine Whitaker Grand Bayou 15.408    
Bryana Hancock Domino 15.418    
Sarah Chinners Bonnie's Lil Wonder 15.423 4D 1/2T $702.60
Grace Ibert Champ Poco Brooks 15.423 4D 1/2T $702.60
Logan Westmoreland Doc's Gold Maverick 15.425 4D 3rd $608.92
Kendall Griffith Pistol 15.427 4D 4th $515.24
Dallas Mills Miss Peppy Perks 15.430 4D 5th $444.98
Cheyanna Patrick Jets a Packin 15.441 4D 6th $374.72
Kenzley Wilson Sue Cow Mecom 15.445 4D 7th $327.88
Makenzie Richardson Cricket 15.448 4D 8th $281.04
Scott Davis Gator 15.449 4D 9th $234.20
Kassie Lane Carpenter Santana 15.452 4D10th $187.36
Trae Townsend Cowboys Shinin 507 15.458 4D11th $163.94
Webb Harrison Flit to a Te 15.464 4D12th $140.52
Brittany Kile Touches Lucky Star 15.469    
Madison Gandy JAF Chief Sundance 15.471    
Abby Gray Can't Touch Wet Paint 15.479    
Dally Parker Utah 15.488    
Cotey Marie Shea Streakin Moon Chick 15.491    
Karli Verheyen Jet 15.493    
Mackenzie Shaw Tuff 15.496    
Emily McGroom Elvis 15.498    
Karsyn Haubein Little Miss Texas 15.510    
Kelcie May Ima Peppy Charmer 15.518    
Rayne Royals Talasas Fancy Jet 15.520    
Samantha Ewing Nothin But Bad News 15.521    
Rayanna Baker Epay 15.526    
Christian McGraw Little Bit of Rebel 15.529    
Bailey Tate Nite time Doc San 15.530    
Chancie Neal Pistol 15.536    
Katelin Ingram Riley Boy 15.541    
Anna DeBlieux Jr. Valentine George 15.543    
Kody Mosby Gypsey Boy 15.551    
Katarina Frazier Quincy Eternal Jet 15.551    
Trae Townsend Heza Jazzy Jasper 15.552    
Kirstie Snowden Miss Jess 15.555    
Sydni Cunningham Bailey's Coca Puff 15.556    
Erika Van DeWaal Trixie 15.565    
Allie Beaubouef El Galb DeSaragoso 15.565    
Amber Vinson Panama Royal Dude 15.565    
Hunter Davis Stripper On the Money 15.566    
Haley Walker Tiny 15.569    
Carli Hodges Tomahawk 15.578    
Harley Jones Buddy 15.579    
Shelby Winstead Bo 15.586    
Cassie Furry TE Lonestar 15.588    
Aubrey Grace Caldwell Zero's Dual Jet 15.590    
Gracie Carter Peppy Bojangler 15.593    
Morgan Baker Pie In My Sky 15.602    
MaKenzie Mayes Becky Lou 15.605    
Taylor Steinhoff Yawls Warrior 15.609    
Lauren Hamrick HG Noel Star 15.610    
Heather Bundy Cinemax 15.616    
Aspen Hood Gypsy 15.617    
Taylor Huggins Peppy 15.623    
Vanessa Machowicz Sonyas A Foxy Freeway 15.638    
Kellie Mounger Pale Face Rascal 15.641    
Britney Black Jordjis Zan 15.647    
Darby Toole Colonel Leos Playboy 15.655    
Abigail Mautz Saints French Twist 15.667    
Tammy Horton Bunny Bar Ray 15.672    
Morgan Boyer CC 15.679    
Amanda Bell Lotta Doc Playboy 15.680    
Adrianne Harris Doc's Yellow Socks 15.681    
Lana Warner JJ OH Red 15.689    
Kelly McCarter Ima Streakin Lady 15.694    
Shelby Grimsley Blue Eyes 15.695    
Sierra Beauford Little Billie 15.695    
Destin Beck Zena 15.695    
Haley Denmark Pops 15.697    
Taylor Necaise Sugar 15.699    
Kelsey Davis Tiny White Dove 15.706    
Jenna Albarado Kodi 15.735    
Bet Langley Chick's Razzle Gal 15.737    
Noel Teaster Freckles Frosty Spark 15.738    
Callie Ruth Bridgforth Doc 15.787    
Taylor Jane Taggart Nip 15.799    
Lauren Roper Flashy 15.802    
Laci Dover TNT 15.805    
Dustin Angelle DH Hancock Cline 15.815    
Owen Gatwood Belle 15.815    
Aubrie Medlin Cash 15.817    
Claudia Fry Preacher 15.819    
Victoria Tolbert War Eagle Girl 15.822    
Suzanne Mosley Motor Scooter Delite 15.827    
Sarah Phillips Miss Waki Jet 15.829    
Victoria Jackson Dawson Drew Leo 15.833    
Tyler Crosby P.S. Smokum Fritz 15.838    
Rowdy Flowers Perks Burning Three 15.842    
Katie Hulsey Rettas Laico Streak 15.864    
Kayla McClain MS Continental Delite 15.868    
Suzanne Mosley Mostly Dink 15.871    
Taylor Matte Bud 15.874    
Tanna Furry Eyes God Bling 15.880    
Adriana Jones A Frosted Pinkie 15.884    
Alexis Barnes Rocket System 15.887    
Ashton Nowling Peggy's Wings 15.888    
Lindsay August Pure Dash Dee 15.891    
Shelby Winstead Truck 15.900    
Jordan Rice Smooth Jet Two Bar 15.906    
Tanna Furry MP Lone Wolf 15.916    
Kaylee Rice Flash 15.920    
Brooke Brakefield Manitowoc Squaw 15.920    
Madison Walls Phoenix 15.927 5D 1st $608.92
Kori Beth Thomason XV Royal Padgett 15.929 5D 2nd $532.81
Sara Lee Prancer 15.934 5D 3rd $494.75
Tayla Wood Salipta 15.941 5D 4th $418.63
Madison Overby Bailey Brisco 15.947 5D 5th $361.55
Bradley Bohannon Tango's Blonde Hope 15.953 5D 6th $304.46
Faith Bergeron Go Car Super Glass 15.957 5D 7th $266.40
Casey Tyson Winnie 15.958 5D 8th $228.35
Lauren Sutton Kokopelli Heatwave 15.962 5D 9th $190.29
Vanessa Machowicz Cowboys Power Ranger 15.967 5D10th $152.23
Eva Marie Daughhetee Ima Tin Horn Doc Lady 15.968 5D11th $133.20
Abigail Manning Doctor Snickers 15.984 5D12th $114.17
Morgan Odom Exxie 15.985    
Alayna Arinder Bella 15.986    
Jessica Brashier VF Prissy All Night 16.005    
Lucchesse Tobias Sugar Town Tears 16.009    
Tayla Wood Checotah 16.011    
Destin Beck Blackie 16.011    
Kelsey Courtney Mis Streakin Cash 16.012    
Taylor Ewing Dante Diego 16.017    
Blake Lee Roper Jett 16.021    
Tyler McLeod Sonnys Blessed Angel 16.021    
Casey Desentz Rio 16.021    
Hayden Welford Vodos Badger 16.023    
Mary Pilgrim Matilda Gray Sage 16.025    
Taylor Cook Pass the Diamond ON 16.049    
Ashley Riebman Holdendown 16.055    
Bailey Tate Intimidating Moon 16.056    
Raegan Staser Champ 16.065    
Taylor Lanning Mr. Dash Scattin AZ 16.081    
Madison Hanners Music Rebel 16.093    
Skylar Glenn Prissy 16.098    
Jessica Lamb Sheza Misty Stream 16.102    
Madison Adams TP Pacific Brave 16.103    
Rivers Royals Chance to be Foxy 16.114    
Jenna Marshall Minnie Pearl 16.124    
Jessica Lamb Docs Buster Bill 16.136    
Logan Westmoreland Jet Star Honor 16.157    
Casey Desentz Blue Cadillac Smokin' 16.182    
Emma Grace Roberts Missy 16.194    
Victoria Biggers Yankees Pacific Wind 16.211    
Shelby Vinson Later Slater 16.225    
Macie Clark Boonlight N Dixie 16.234    
Caitlin Ray Reece 16.235    
Daylee Barrom Steele's City Feet 16.249    
John Osborne MJH Sage Star 16.263    
Gracie Dickerson Cajun Taffy 16.299    
Blake Lee Roper Cash 16.336    
Heather Bundy Corona Rita 16.337    
Lauren Hamrick Step on the Cash 16.340    
Taylor Hughes SR Ima Dreamy Chic 16.357    
Blain Rivers Rockstars 16.374    
Morgan Evans Pat 16.386    
Harley Morgan Cash 16.465    
Ashleigh Clukey Smash 16.472    
Randi Jackson 83 Ginn 16.479    
Tyler Gault U Bug Me 16.510    
Laci Dover Six Chicks Corona 16.527    
Brooke Bailey Starbucks 16.552    
Miranda McNamara Bojack 16.560    
Jayci Wiggins Sparkplug 16.577    
Jacob Johnson Sandy 16.586    
Alexis Villarreal Pretty Pond Flower 16.656    
Megan Crow Ace High Straight 16.679    
Ashley Austin Bert 16.710    
Victoria Pierce ManEater 16.742    
Tori Denise Sparkles 16.767    
Katherine Dixon Taterbug 16.770    
Tyler Gault Easy Ole Pistol 16.820    
Claire Roberts Prissy 16.832    
Courtney Lafferty Tough with Honor 17.001    
Reese Johnson Smokes Mac RRR 17.024    
Gracie Sparkman Sierra 17.149    
Haley Britt Leos Spanish Chip 17.242    
Brandon McCown Gretel 17.250    
Jake Ramsey Miss Sandra 17.269    
Emma Crump Cocoa 17.567    
Victoria Jackson Dee Dee 17.573    
Gabrielle Hayes Molly 17.577    
Casey Desentz Marie's Cactus Cahdee 17.599    
Thomas Broussard Sebastian 17.837    
Meredith Adams Little Miss Abigail 18.026    
Gabrielle Hipple Jeweled Goddess 18.307    
Dalynn Mhire Ima Shakem Two 18.331    
Allison Harris Rain 18.338    
Avery Lee Chico 18.399    
Katy Edwards Tool Cool Colors 18.768    
Amber Cooksey Shyne 18.984    
Abigail Bailey Im the Crow 21.329    
Katelyn Albritton Buddy Rose 113.997    
Wyatte Grace Andrews No Honor Left 114.130    
Hannah Miller Nonstop Rthythm 114.178    
Nicole Love Fifth of Jack 114.283    
JR Sullivan Leading Tradition 114.367    
Paris Jean Run N With Ease 114.370    
Shelton Headley SF Lil French Floozy 114.399    
Jaci Montgomery Fire Up That Rose 114.412    
Sierra Tucker Maxi Mundi 114.433    
Carlee Goode Jetta is a Rocket 114.433    
Heather Hughes Azure R Man 114.446    
Shelton Headley All Legs N Diamonds 114.490    
Megan Sparks Red Rings the Bell 114.495    
Adriana Jones TJ's Jamia Jo 114.516    
Meghan Thomas Ole Banner 114.538    
Jackie Ganter VF a Sporty Design 114.555    
Kinsley Swepston Okey Separation 114.565    
Blaise Bercegeay Little Oakie Dash 114.589    
Jackie Ganter Firewater Dancer 114.596    
Katie Hulsey Another Zero Hero 114.622    
Lucchesse Tobias Watch Texas 114.632    
Taylor Sartain Heza GranD Sixum 114.640    
JR Sullivan Java Buzz 114.662    
Shelby Vinson Tiger Bar None Son 114.672    
Abby Searcy Nick Dells a Show Off 114.673    
Austin Hodges Mega 114.682    
Alana Sanders Brannon's Partytime 114.696    
Shelton Headley Redneck Rosey 114.720    
Anna Jarosinski Gamble on Mickey 114.723    
Katie Hancock Bear Bottom Ole' 114.739    
Victoria Tolbert A Rare Runaway 114.740    
Abigail Manning Kawasaki Kate 114.757    
Reese Johnson Masters Essence 114.759    
Shelton Headley Shez Sure Sharp 114.770    
Makenzie Mayes Alright Already 114.776    
Sarah McDonald Streakin Cosmos Badge 114.789    
Darby Duncan Sixes Plain Bully 114.790    
Karley Keyes Doc Vernans Bueno 114.791    
Courtney Bailey Locomotion Ray of Hope 114.807    
Kelsey Davis Yonder Goes My Baby 114.826    
Alex Lewis Tee Lo Moon 114.828    
Molly Wagner JB Absolute 114.850    
Kaitlyn Prentice Frenchman's Signature 114.893    
Katelyn Albritton LaJoll's Echo 114.901    
Bailey Jo LeBlanc Honnah 114.913    
Hailey Pettigo Scootin Mac for Cash 114.918    
Brittany Kile TJ Jasper 114.926    
Sierra Tucker Dash Fantasy Request 114.929    
Darby Duncan PC Dusty Gin 114.937    
Ashley Brooks Lil Bay 114.948    
Haley Mosby Coals Butter Bean 114.953    
Jenna Steward Smashin Tenn Honor 114.955    
Margo Thomas Rain 114.968    
Betsy Roland Slicks Blue Jay 114.990    
Clint Childress Double Cab Dualy 114.995    
Tara Davis Dee Bar Liciou 114.996    
Stephanie Mosley Smart Lil Sugarnic 114.997    
Abbey Jo Kilgore The Cool Effort 114.997    
Taylor Sartain Sashay N Ta Fame 115.002    
Chancie Neal Special Rainbow Star 115.007    
Samantha Walker Telem Ima Star 115.016    
Bayleigh Choate Reels Black Honor 115.025    
Shelby Lynch Honors Trophy Moon 115.034    
Brian Wheeler Apachie Famous Jewell 115.038    
Lucchesse Tobias Rose 115.076    
Gracee Guillory Leos Cleo Fritz 115.083    
Lindsay August King Peponita Olena 115.105    
Samuel Grimsley Streaker 115.121    
Cody-Wayne Sonnenbers Spice 115.129    
Kent Manor Perks Bar Master 115.131    
Joseph Heathcolt Carmens Sharp Moon 115.134    
Baleigh Ferguson Two Hancock Gray 115.139    
McKenzie Sartain Brothers Red Otoe 115.140    
Rachel Deville Fols Black Magic 115.180    
John Osbourne Majors Royal Bonanza 115.180    
Callie Ruth Bridgforth Dark Wisdom 115.224    
Taylor Sartain Crazy Magic Man 115.238    
Ashleigh Odom Oh Oh Dreamer 115.242    
Jasmine Whitaker Zevi's Hot Turbo 115.248    
Jasmine Whitaker Bobby's Grand Jazz 115.250    
Kizer Hensley Bobby Sox 115.260    
Whitney Smith Im An Aquila Boy 115.266    
Will Chunn Blackburn Catcher 115.270    
McKenzie Sartain Earls Clever Girl 115.272    
Kristina Landrum Almost a Beat 115.286    
Victoria Biggers Mitos Fancy Monkey 115.287    
Nora Cobb Bonnie 115.296    
Allie Chouest Smashed CD 115.298    
Leah Thompson Buddy 115.305    
Max Chouest Cadillac 115.308    
Jackie Smart Three Brass Bargains 115.314    
Kaylee Green Indians Anastasia 115.317    
Daniel Vaughn Locomotion Red Man 115.336    
Reese McDougal Wimpetta Mattie 115.349    
Britney Black Salty 115.374    
Dylan Cochran Sancho 115.395    
Madison Lewis Kiss Me doc and Fly 115.397    
Barrett Kriegel Doc Olena Dun It 115.402    
Kelli Duke Lady's Fair Advantage 115.402    
Jacee Thomas Sparkling Title 115.408    
Jenna Marshall Joe 115.411    
Jaycie Laughlin Smartest Little Snap 115.415    
Kaylee Strawder Rare Boogie Bar 115.419    
Madison Hanners Six Biscuit 115.435    
Tanna Furry Takin Credit 115.452    
Haley Britt Lola Native 115.489    
Erika Van DeWaal Shea 115.544    
Madyson Gill Demi 115.558    
Brooklyn Blakeney Twister 115.572    
Jenna Steward L.L. Blind Faith 115.584    
Sami Sylvester Left me Money 115.595    
Taylar Coulter Time Out for Recess 115.608    
Sydni Cunningham Sunny 115.609    
Taylor Breazeale Bingos Jet Deck 115.615    
Kelli Duke Streakin Mr. Meyers 115.634    
Gabrielle Tyson Precious 115.644    
Courtney Lafferty Taycie's Party 115.675    
Taylor White Sacred Stubby 115.681    
Logan Hester The Cash Valentine 115.697    
Addison Gibbons Sugar Bar Wheaty 115.715    
Aimee Hebert Dynomite times 115.719    
Madyson Gill Smarty 115.753    
Rayne Royals Gringo 115.759    
Dally Parker Cashin Bud 115.761    
Chelsea Bartlett Iceman 115.778    
Kori Beth Thomason EB Chuck 115.797    
Abigail Manning Loose Little Lulu 115.834    
Brooke Brakefield Nude and Naughty 115.852    
Shelby Grimsley Tiny tink 115.921    
Max Chouest Krimps Jersey 115.928    
Mollie Carter Coppertone Cache 115.967    
Mollea Brown LM Fantactic Lena 115.990    
Emily Furry Holly 115.998    
Tyrel Stoltzfus Ohmar 116.006    
Morgan Jones Peppy 116.033    
Claire Newell Sayso Sierra 116.048    
Taylor Bumbalough Jade 116.082    
Daniel Vaughn Shake N Sign 116.102    
James Holifield Tuffman 116.124    
Toni Torres Big Harry 116.163    
Kalie Corley First Down Earth 116.197    
Jenna Shelly Tide Time 116.200    
Rowdy Flowers Go Hotie Go 116.222    
Stephanie Cason Schotzie 116.306    
Elizabeth Broussard Holly 116.317    
Kelsey Collins Calico's Touch of Class 116.400    
Dustin Angelle Bully Bit of Honey 116.478    
Caycee Barton Docs Tuff Lil Buck 116.480    
Kadee Ferrell Sandy 116.542    
Kaylie Trahan Baby 116.579    
Sean Molde' Blackjack 116.656    
Hannah James Kadas Spirit 116.667    
Betsy Roland WW Pretty Woman 116.687    
Tyler Gault Panama Sir Outlaw 116.763    
Alayna Arinder Bugs 116.878    
Kenna McLemore BJ 116.942    
Emilie Rushing Don't Doc Holly 117.074    
Karley Keyes This Dreams Taken 117.198    
Heath Drinkard Seeka Barn Burner 117.465    
Monica Radford Smart Dry Chic 117.823    
Hannah Hines Harvye's Genuine JR 117.959    
Brooke Roberts Buckshot 118.453    
Jax Johnson Buds to You 118.676    
Dawson Mitchell Look at me Now 118.828    
Brian Wheeler Famous Frenchie 119.107    
Taylor Hooks Turn Three for Money 214.402    
Kenzley Wilson Rare Perkalater 214.408    
Austin Hodges Bullys Wear N Velvet 214.486    
Austin Hodges Watch Toast Go 214.584    
Victoria Martin TF July Jones Wonder 214.744    
Victoria Martin Docs Magic Eyes 214.819    
Regan Henning Faith Luck and Dreams 214.874    
Taylor Carver Crazy Crusader 214.911    
Jacee Thomas Sixum's Top Gun 214.929    
Olivia Martin SCF Reds fancy Zero 214.961    
Kyley Campbell Starbert F Sutton 214.965    
Shelby Wright Leos Quicktime Lucy 214.995    
Madison Erwin Tiny Sugar Charm 215.075    
Katherine Williamson JC 215.123    
Connor Griffith Stormy 215.232    
Megan Watts Raining Jewels 215.271    
Jacee Thomas Run Duck Run 215.334    
Mandy McCarter Deck of Stones 215.530    
Addie Davis Sticks Stoney Gambler 215.569    
Collin Watson Rolow 215.606    
Hannah Ward Lady Pawan 215.616    
Mary-Ella McClain Lindys Lettin Go 215.682    
Anna DeBlieux Tontos Dashn Girl 215.766    
Morgan Henning Famous Corona 215.803    
Rebecca St. Martin Holy Tera 215.837    
Dalynn Mhire Raise a Tough Rascal 215.904    
Haley Mosby Cowboy 216.117    
Taylor McNair Broca in the Ghetto 216.183    
Rachel Freeny Positively Perky 216.191    
Mackenzie Shaw Cheyene 216.240    
Jayci Wiggins Black 216.363    
Megan Watts Thisonesfortheboys 216.730    
Jordan McNinch Midnight Kicker 216.742    
Victoria Pierce Ladybug 217.351    
Morgan Lee Boo 218.107    
Tatyana Curry Taylor 218.133    
Megan Crow Dunit in Black 315.472    
Tori LeBlanc Lil Poco Tubbs 315.836    
Halli Bailey Attention On Demand 320.796    
Hannah Waters La Belle Joie 449.000    
Bet Langley Jazzin Baby 449.000    
Laine Rowan Beyonce' 499.000    
Bailey McIlwain Dreams Reality 499.000    
Jordan Colburn Happy 499.000    
Jenna Albarado Fritz 499.000    
Claudia Fry Dino 499.000    
Chesnie Neal Dakota's Dodger 499.000    
Jancie Wesley Dixie 499.000    
Madison Hanners Shesa Little Better 499.000    
Ray Ann Fuller Rudy Rodgers 499.000    
Ty Lynn Register Miss Bubba Jet 499.000    
Sammi Jo Williams JP 499.000    
Sky Acosta Bar Super Jet 499.000    
Kayla McClain SFW Sun Moon N Stars 499.000    
Haley Britt Chers Feather Duster 499.000    
Allie Chouest Mergansers Miss n Cash 499.000    
Tyrel Stoltzfus Guns 499.000    
Desiree Green Miss Zananna Bugs 499.000    
Katherine Dixon The Baby Trucks 499.000    
Kamryn Passman Kats Devine Fire 499.000    
Kelcey Dubois Cleats Venture 499.000    
Morgan Ross Go Chipper King 499.000    
Allison Bates Baby 499.000    
Kelcie May Dash of Onguard 499.000    
Kellie Mounger I'ma Sporty King 499.000    
Allie Pilgrim DS Jazzy 499.000    
Bailey Jo LeBlanc Pocket 499.000    
Kellie Mounger Seeking Brisco 499.000    
Scratch   500.000    
Kaleigh Graham Lenas Toy doc 500.000    
JR Sullivan Dancing Firewater 500.000    
Scratch   500.000    
Dustin Angelle DH Cline Fuel 500.000    
Brian Wheeler SX Dr. Peacharita 500.000    
Wyatte Grace Andrews Rose 500.000    
Scratch   500.000    
Tyler McLeod Flamin Hot Socks 500.000    
Sarah Allman Jet O Red 500.000    
Abby Harrell Rebel 500.000    
Kami Oller KO Living on a Prayer 500.000    
Brooke Bourgue Mace 500.000    
Molly Wagner Chargers Toast 500.000    
Sarah Allman Jake 500.000    
Ashleigh Baugh DC's Playboy 500.000    
Lexi Doud Firewater Kat 500.000    
Summer Huff Miss Gay Bar Abby 500.000    
Kami Oller Ollers Scat Cat 500.000    
Allie Strange Lady Bug 500.000    
Jaycie Laughlin Okie 500.000    
Gillean Nixon Rebel 500.000    
Jacey Toole Travel Dox 500.000    
Emsley Caldwell Latin Brother 500.000    
Addie Davis Rare Kissit 500.000    
Adriana Jones Ask Aggie 500.000    
Ashleigh Clukey Harley 500.000    
Kami Oller Zanes Wonder bug 500.000    
Heather Bundy Firewaters Bad Boy 500.000